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Cosmetic Care – Be proud of your smile

Knowing how important the role of teeth are in the appearance of your smile, we offer a variety of services to help create a lasting smile.

  • Veneers

    Dental Cosmetic Care

  • Natural Coloured Fillings

    Dental Cosmetic Care

  • Dental Implants (By referral)

    Dental Cosmetic Care

  • Crowns

    Dental Cosmetic Care

  • Bridges

    Dental Cosmetic Care

  • Tooth whitening

    Dental Cosmetic Care

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NHS Fees

NHS dental fees are set by the dental practice division of NHS Scotland, and are the same for all dental practices.

A guide to common NHS treatment costs is outlined here.

A fee guide for common cosmetic treatments are outlined here

Small Metal Filling (Back Tooth)£7.40
Large Metal Filling (Back Tooth)£19.00
Small White Filling (Front Tooth)£13.96
Large White Filling (Front Tooth)£28.80
Root Treatment (Front Tooth)£40.00
Root Treatment (Back Tooth)£83.72
White Crown (Front Tooth)£116.84
Metal Crown (Back Tooth)£102.48
Partial DentureFrom £77.96
Full Dentures (Upper and Lower)From £180.28
ExtractionsFrom £12.40

Private Fees

Cosmetic treatments such as white fillings on your back teeth are not available on the NHS.

We offer a range of cosmetic treatment, and your dentist can advise you about the best options available to you, along with treatment costs.

A fee guide for common cosmetic treatments are outlined here

New Patient Examination£45.00
Scale and PolishFrom £20.00
Hygenist VisitFrom £42.50
Tooth Whitening (Upper and Lower Teeth)£280.00
Small White FillingFrom £40.00
Medium White FillingFrom £60.00
Large White FillingFrom £80.00
Root TreatmentFrom £120.00
Cosmetic VeneersFrom £300.00
Cosmetic CrownFrom £300.00
Cosmetic DenturesFrom £480.00
Chrome DentureFrom £380.00
Partial Acrylic DentureFrom £240.00
ExtractionFrom £45.00
MouthguardFrom £48.00